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These grizzly bear cubs spent all day playing in the surf, when they were not eating the salmon that their mother caught, or napping. They were a joy to watch as they spun and splashed about.

Cubs Dance At Dawn

  • This 20 x 34 frame (18 x 24 image printed on sustainable Bamboo Fine Art paper) is framed using an artistic combination of a whitewashed barn wood with a natural capped frame. This photo arrives ready to hang on your wall.

    Bristol Bay is still at risk from Pebble and other mining companies that have an eye on southwest Alaska. By protecting Bristol Bay, and the salmon, you will be helping to preserve one of the last remaining wilderness areas and the grizzly bears. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this photo go to Save Bristol Bay ( Bristol Bay is still at grave risk from industrial development. Pebble has vowed to appeal the permit decision and come back in the future. Without long-term protections for the region to safeguard these iconic and productive rivers and the people they support.

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