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A vision quest with Kasey Mueller

I am a freelance, award-winning nature photographer with decades of experience in many parts of the World. I focus on wild areas of the globe, with bears being a frequent subject of study. Although my portfolio of video and digital work spans many years, you can see a few common themes emerge- photographic storytelling surrounding wildlife, wild spaces, and insects to support citizen scientists, conservation, and scientific research. I specialize in environmental and urban portraits of natures' resiliency in the face of coexistence with humans or shots of peaceful and serene moments of a natural world seemingly untouched by humanity- nature in its natural state. It is no easy task to find these moments in today's world.

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When not in the urban environment, woods near my home, or searching for new conservation projects to support, I am a full-time Human Resources Director for an advertising agency in Chicago. I am also the proud wife of Steve (Prince Charming) and the mother of two fabulous adult children, Samantha and Connor. Our home life is also a "wildlife", with 4 dogs (3 Corgis and a Dachshund), 3 cats, a small parrot, a horse, and a saltwater aquarium.

I approach conservation and coexistence from a position of hope. My philosophy has been strongly influenced by Jane Goodall and David Attenborough. I believe that every person has the ability to impact the adaptation and recovery of nature and the climate. In my lifetime, I have witnessed the recovery of endangered species that we thought would be lost forever, as well as improvements in the environment. Through focus, care and simple everyday actions, every one of us can help change the future.

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Here are some things you should know about me:

  • I follow all of the ethical wildlife and bird photography guidelines published by the North American Nature Photography Association and the Audobon Society.

  • All aspects of my work are done through a lens of sustainability:

    • Travel plans are scheduled with an eye to minimizing my carbon footprint as much as possible.

    • All items in the shop are printed on high-quality sustainable, or recycled materials (baboo art paper, recycled aluminum, and recycled barn wood frames).

  • I hope that my images have the power to create understanding, activate empathy, connect you to wildlife and nature- but above all else, provide moments of inspiration- helping you to advocate for coexistence, and act in small or large ways to save wildlife and slow climate change.

  • All my photographs are taken in the wild, without any baiting, lures, or artificial attractants. I do my best to limit any distractions or disruptions to my subjects' normal routine. The welfare of the wildlife and nature that I photograph is my first priority.

  • I am available for photography assignments, conservation/research support, and citizen scientist outings. Workshops and camera club education sessions are also available.

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Photo artisan, visual story-teller, wildlife warrior, nature conservation advocate, ethical wildlife photographer, adventurer, and adrenaline junky. I am driven to transport you to places, and moments that take your breath away.

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