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Beach Day

My idea of a great beach day usually involves a beach towel, sunshine, sunglasses, a good book, drinks and and a snack. A polar bear's idea of a great beach day is the total opposite of my ideal! They look forward to sub zero temperatures, that bring the arctic ice into the bay and the open sea. The ice pack is their home from October to July, where they can hunt seals, raise their families and live in comfort. Everyday on the ice is a beach day. This video of a big male was filmed during National Polar Bear Week (November), and there is no ice in sight- his beach day is closer to my ideal. Polar bears' live on blubber, it is the only thing that sustains them. Without sea ice, and seals, due to the climate change and warmer water, the polar bear population is declining rapidly. How can you help? It is easy!

Sign This Petition Now- Help save polar bears!

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